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Mobile home paneling can refer to either the interior or exterior vinyl paneling found on most manufactured homes. Mobile home paneling is often an unwanted fixture that homeowners elect to remove in a variety of ways.Online Message

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There are different materials used when making manufactured home wall panels. These materials vary in characteristics and prices. So when choosing a particular material, you should only go for what suits your needs as opposed to the price it’s being sold at.Online Message

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Homes that don’t have sheetrock ceilings probably have tile or ceiling board. The ceiling tiles are generally 16″ or 4′ wide and run the width of the home.Online Message

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Mobile home ceiling panels sold here are high-strength, textured units that are fire-resistant and have built-in moisture and vapor resistance. These mobile home ceiling tiles are easy to install and are warranted against visible sag for five years.Online Message

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Mobile home paneling is beautiful when it is brand new. However, over the years it fades and becomes dull. The finish gets damaged, and it begins to bow and to warp. Removing the paneling from the walls of a mobile home is the only way to add new insulation in older mobile homes. Doing so can cause damage to the paneling, making it unusable.Online Message

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R & G Supply sells interior wall and ceiling materials for mobile homes! R & G Mobile Home Supply- Interior Wall Panels Home Product Index Catalog Affiliates Order Items F.A.Q. Contact Info Directions Customers Site MapOnline Message

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Used for paneling, wainscoting, or closet door panels. Click on the part number to order! 99915-HG - 4' x 8' Vinyl-Covered "Hampton Grey" Wall Paneling- White-Online Message

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Mobile home wall panels can be damaged by stains, holes or gouges. If the area is small, you can find a way to avoid replacing the whole wall. To find a matching panel, check the data plate for the name and address of your manufactured home manufacturer.Online Message

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Mobile home paneling is beautiful when it is brand new. However, over the years it fades and becomes dull. The finish gets damaged, and it begins to bow and to warp.Online Message

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Wood Paneling in Mobile Homes. My 1978 mobile home had faux wood paneling throughout the home but it was super easy to paint thankfully. Two coats and I was done. However, I kept the paneling original with the lines or grooves. You don’t have to keep those, though. You can fill them in with spackle and then paint over them.Online Message

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How to Replace a Single-Wide's Walls With Drywall Disconnect power to the mobile home by turning off the main breaker in the panel. Remove all the trim from the walls, including the baseboards, corner trim,... Remove the covers from all the electrical fixtures, using a flat-head screwdriver. Pry ...Online Message

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SeaSpray Brand Hi-Strength MVR Ceiling Panels Attractive textured ceiling panels and a code-approved moisture/vapor retarder, all in one easy to use product. Manufactured with a high strength gypsum core with increased uniformity and integrity to increase sag resistance.Online Message

What Is Mobile Home Paneling? | Reference

Most mobile home paneling is vinyl, due to its weather-resistant properties that make it a functional fit for homes in most parts of the country. What works for mobile home manufacturers doesn't necessarily work for home buyers, and many choose to cover or remove the paneling entirely.Online Message

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Mobile Home Parts The same mobile home parts and expert advice our in-store customers have been getting for years is available at your fingertips. Call us for answers from a seasoned mobile home supply expert, or submit your question to our mobile home Q&A and we will get you the part you need.Online Message

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