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On a large crack in the lid, I'd probably repair it from the underside and use the fiberglass tape for extra strength (my cracks were only 2"-3" long). Also, on the hinge, I removed all the pop rivets and made nuts out of 1" long sections of aluminum rod, with a 10-32 threaded hole through the side.Online Message

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Drill the old rivets out. Use a 3/16 drill bit. You will end up pushing about the 1/2 the old rivet into the lid. Replace with stainless if you can find them.Online Message

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In other words, the rivets now go into the top edge of the back edge of the lid (opposite where the handle is). The holes that the rivets go into seem to go into a hollow portion of the top largest protion of the deck lid and I can't get to the back side of where the rivets are.Online Message

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Need help Northeast Ohio on broken rivets in lids and repair Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by austjj, Sep 26, 2018. Sep 26, 2018 #1 . austjj. 219 66 133. I rather not pay Marine rates for this problem. ... Drill the rivets out with a 1/8 inch drill bit and replace. Light looks like LED. If not a bad wire, replace the whole unit ...Online Message

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You'll need to remove the hinge from the deck, then drill out the rivets on the lid and then re-rivet the hing on the lid then screw it back onto the boat. It takes 3/16 inch rivets with a one inch bite at least. If you don't have an air powered riveter, good one's cost about $400.00 I'd let the dealer do it.Online Message

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Replacing Lid Hinge Rivets? This is probably a question for Doug/OneMoreCast, but anyone with experience feel free to chime in: Had the rivets that hold the hinge to my rod locker on my 14 year old Ranger break recently (not pull out...simply break off leaving the barrel of the rivet inside the flange of the locker door).Online Message

Need help Northeast Ohio on broken rivets in lids and ...

Need help Northeast Ohio on broken rivets in lids and repair Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by austjj, Sep 26, 2018.Online Message

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Step 4 - Remove the Rest of the Rivet. If the rivet hasn't come out already due to the vibrations, then you can simply remove the rest of the rivet by using the center punch and hammer. Put the punch onto the rivet stem and then give it a hit; this should make the rest of the rivet fall out. If you have done this carefully and properly then...Online Message

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Did the job last winter. Used a impact chisel with a blunt end, very lightly, to mushroom the rivets. Don't over mushroom them as they really are soft enough to start splitting out. Used ratcheting cargo straps to hold the torsion bars while doing the hinge work. Just put the straps on with the deck lid partially open.Online Message

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Mike’s “A” Ford-able Parts is your best source for Model A Ford Parts. We have the most parts available for sale online.Online Message

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After the test, lay the floor first, then all the deck lids. Be careful to remember which side of the lids the piano-hinge holes are on. After laying the carpet, replace the screws or pop rivets, plus the hinges, and put your boat back together.Online Message

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Replacement trunk lids are made from high-quality materials and are available in a black, primered finish. This finishing makes it easier for paint to last in the surface for a longer time. There are only two options available for a Replacement trunk lid: raw or primered. Both have provisions for your vehicle's license plate and emblem.Online Message

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Replace with stainless rivets and get a good rivet gun, the cheap ones won't pull a stainless rivet. Instead of using rivets I went back with machine screws and nuts also stainless. Easier if you take the lids off.Online Message

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The replacements for the bottom clips on the fiberglass bags that HD sells are just pop rivets. That is what I use. They work fine. All of the rest of the 1/8" diameter rivets I use a hand rivet squeezer, and dies. I takes a deep throat to do the emblems on the bubble bags. They are 1/16" rivets, semi tubular.Online Message

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Replacement hardware that attaches luggage rack to the deck lid on any 1986-1993 Ford Mustang Convertible.Online Message

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How to Replace Rivets in Deck Lids - YouTube. Dec 23, 2016 ... Just a video showing how I replaced my rivets that were backing out and/or corroded in my locker lid. ... How to Replace Rivets in Deck Lids ... Bass Boat Carpet and Seat Replacement and a Recess Trolling Motor Tray!Online Message

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Vent Lids & Covers; Vinyl Molding Inserts; Window Cranks & Knobs; Door Screw Covers; ... I think a good solution would be to run some deck screws in to tighten everything up, then put in a rivet or two, and then if you desire, replace the deck screws with rivets.Online Message

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