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Raising level of deck; Page 1; Raising level of deck. J. JohnnyC. Contact options for registered users ... lagging", I think he means fastening the ledger with lag bolts. To do it right, I would suggest pulling the old off and raising the new as Dave says. ... ok umm first how is the deck ledger attached to the rim joist of the first floor and ...Online Message

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Fill the entire room with sand mix to slightly below the level of the living room to allow for DIY error, top with self-leveling concrete to ensure floor is level. Take our chances and fill the room with sand mix to level with the living room.Online Message

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How do I position extra joists to raise a loft floor. Discussion in 'Floors, Stairs and Lofts' started by jimjordan, 5 Jan 2011. jimjordan. Joined: 14 Dec 2010 Messages: 31 ... so that your raised floor level doesn't rest on the ceiling joists (else you'll very likely get cracked ceilings at some point)and run your joists perpendicular to that ...Online Message

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Plenty of deck screws driven through everything (plywood, leveling compound and old subfloor) into the floor joists. We then rolled out a felt underlay and was good to go. Floor is solid and almost level with the hardwood. Had I spent more money on thicker plywood it would have been level.Online Message

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Build a full height temporary support post, jack up the deck to level it. How to Replace a 6×6 Wood Deck Post – Part 2 Install the temporary support post before sawing down the old post. How to Remove a Deck Post in Concrete Slab Saw down the old post, cut the patio slab with a concrete saw, drill weakening holes in the slab.Online Message

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Find out how to raise the height of a concrete slab for tiling by applying floor leveling compound from home improvement expert Danny Lipford.Online Message

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Leveling Existing Concrete Patio for Drainage Hello - I am planning a DIY project to screen in my existing and covered concrete patio. During rainstorms the patio collects some water thereby forming puddles since there is not a good slope to allow for drainage.Online Message

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A mistake that you should avoid is raising the deck all at once. If you try to jack the deck up in this manner, you will cause the joists to crack, split and, in the worst case, break in half.Online Message

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The pressure of the new material will fill in any voids causing problems and raise the surface of the concrete to its original state. Average Concrete Floor Leveling Costs / Average Mudjacking Costs The average cost to level concrete will depend on two things: how far it needs to be raised and the accessibility of the spot in question.Online Message

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This video was made in response to a question someone e-mailed me about how they could repair a sloping or uneven deck. They can actually be done relatively easy with the correct sized jack and ...Online Message

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How to Raise the Height of a Concrete Slab for Tiling I want to lay tile continuously over my adjoining kitchen and dining room floors, but the concrete slab in the dining room is 1/4″ lower than the kitchen.Online Message

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Or you can incorporate decorative inlays, such as strips of wood or metal, by adhering them to the base concrete and then pouring the overlay to the level of the inlay. How to install. Self-leveling overlays are simply poured or pumped onto the floor surface and then distributed evenly using a spreader.Online Message

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raising floor level. Discussion in 'Misc DIY' started by nafuk, Mar 7, 2006. nafuk Guest. Hi, I need to raise the floor level over a cellar to match the concrete floors of the rest of the house. Current floor is regular floor boards ... Raising level of deck. Raising Tree Level. Raising level of deck.Online Message

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"First floor deck @ elevation 0". There is however no information in the set stating what elevation 0" means or aligns with." Further, drawing 1 on page 1 shows the bottom of the deck as level with the bottom of the doors. The line marked "first floor deck" is level with the bottom of the doors. It also has a "0" at that line.Online Message

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Return to the first floor plate installed in steps 2 and 3 and measure the distance at each end between the top of the floor plate and floor level line chalked in Step 1. Subtract 6? inches from this dimension for the floor joists width and plywood subfloor thickness.Online Message

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Raising the floor level of a terrace or balcony is the ideal choice when it comes to accessibility. Unfortuneately, traditional solutions, such as concrete, masonry or wood, are expensive and are can be too heavy for the original balcony structure to bear.Online Message

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We have a ranch type house that has a sunken living room that we would like to raise to the level of our other floors. We intend to have hard wood flooring installed over it and the other rooms around it. Ceiling height is not a problem. The floor needs to come up about 5 3/4 inches.Online Message

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I would like to raise half of my balcony floor 3-4 inches. The floor and walls are boring concrete and I'm hoping a two-level balcony will be more welcoming. The wall is high enough that a few inches will not be dangerous. The balcony is 12 ft long but only 3 ft wide. I'm thinking two 3x3 platforms would do the trick.Online Message

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How Balcony Floor Joist Can Pull Away From Ledger During Repairs ... Keep in mind that one of the biggest problems with do-it-yourself home repairs like raising sagging balconies or decks will be ...Online Message

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The actual floor height will be figured out once you actually raise the floor. 4. Raising the Floor itself. Now comes the important job of the helper you got. After you have placed all the blocks under the floor, you will begin raising the floor with the jack. Have your helper be inside the room and have them let you know when the floor begins to level out.Online Message

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This establishes a line used to level the floor plate as it is attached to the floor. Use wood shims as necessary to raise the floor plate to ? inch or less below the string. Secure the floor plate to the slab, using concrete nails. Check string alignment frequently to ensure the floor plate remains level during nailing.Online Message

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Hi Guys, can anyone help me decide which is the best way to raise the floor height of my balcony. I would like to raise the floor height by 30cm. Right now it is tiles ontop of what I think might be a sand/cement substrate on top of deep concrete. The wall that surrounds the balcony are the spanish type clay airbricks.Online Message

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