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We asked This Old House general contractor Tom Silva to demonstrate the proper techniques for building a small, simple on-grade deck. All you need to be successful at DIY deck building are some basic carpentry tools and the desire to invest a little sweat equity.Online Message

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A patio deck is to provide space for informal conversation and daily enjoyment of the countryside. Patios are usually built either on the back or in front of the residence. Patios are usually built either on the back or in front of the residence.Online Message

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The original deck was 10' X 8', just large enough to hold the hot tub, but that is a little small for a deck to relax on. It was decided to extend the deck out to a 10' X 12' area, using the same construction methods as the original. The deck was constructed entirely of 2X6 lumber, both treated and untreated.Online Message

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The Steps: Decide on your dimensions. Visit the lumber yard and get help picking lumber that will meet your local area codes for snow loads and wind shear. Square up the post holes and install the posts, use a level and braces to keep them straight. Make sure the bad side of your beam is facing the sky.Online Message

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Patio & Deck. An alternative to building a deck with wood is using easy to install composite decking materials. Effective patio design wood deck tiles deepen the area of your home and add a room where you can entertain friends too often. People who talk to shareholders would have a patio, as with an exclusive kitchen and dining area.Online Message

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Build a Multilevel Deck For a Kiddie Pool 11 Steps 10 Ultra-Dreamy Decks 10 Photos Designer Decks Made From Natural Wood, Composite and Aluminum 10 PhotosOnline Message

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Basic deck. The simpler you can make your deck plan, the faster and cheaper it will be to build. For a, printable version of Basic deck, see Additional Information, below.Online Message

How to Build a Simple DIY Deck on a Budget

Alexi had no specialized skills for building a deck, but she’s a fearless DIYer, and she produced this simple and sturdy deck without spending a lot of money. Follow her step-by-step tutorial to create a similar DIY deck for your backyard.Online Message

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NewTechWood Deck-a-Floor is available at The, along with a wide selection of other decking materials. Check out more DIY projects here on The Blog, and follow our Outdoor Living board on Pinterest for ideas on how you can make the most of your outdoor space.Online Message

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Detailed guide on building a back deck patio cover. Detailed guide on building a back deck patio cover ... "Wood Patio Cover, Attached PergolaPergola and Patio Star ." ... "Build patio cover over patio.attach to roof on one side and put front side poles into pots cemented of the depth and soil on top for beautification."Online Message

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Find the high point of your patio by a laying a flat board across the patio where you plan to install your sleepers. The sleepers can follow the slope of the patio rather than being perfectly level, but they do need to create a flat plane to properly support the decking.Online Message

How to Build a Simple DIY Deck on a Budget

Step 5: Prep your deck wood. For me, I decided to use 2 x 4 Douglas Fir wood (simple framing-wood), because it is inexpensive, but still extremely strong. If you can get your hands on a wood planer, use it! It will make sure all your wood is the same height and also give those rough 2 x 4s a beautiful, smooth finish.Online Message

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If you want a shade structure that naturally blends both in size and style with your deck or patio, build your own pergola or patio shade awning structure. Cover the pergola with awning fabric, or plant vines to create a green, living shelter. Vines covering a trellis alongside the pergola will also block the rising or setting sun.Online Message

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Cut a 2-inch-wide, 1?-inch-thick treated wood spacer for every 2 feet of ledger length. Align the top of each spacer with the chalk line and fasten with a 6d nail. Align the ledger with the tops of the spacers and nail it to the wall at each spacer with a 16d nail.Online Message

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Getting a Building Permit for a Patio Cover Some people said a building permit was unnecessary, while others said it was impossible to get without a contractor's license, or that it would raise my property tax, etc.Online Message

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Check local building code to see if you can attach a patio roof directly to your deck. Blow out the dust, fill the hole with epoxy, and insert the rod to the required depth. Let the epoxy set (leaving it overnight will assure that it is rock solid), and then add the anchor bolt, anchor, washer, and nut and tighten.Online Message

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How to build a deck over an existing patio slab with low clearance. Hey, some of you have been ignoring our great deck how-tos because you think you can’t build a deck over your patio slab.Online Message

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